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    Improving Solution - Workflow




      I am in the process of making improvements to a solution I have created, and have run into a challenge.


      I have 2 layouts:  "Home" , "Data Entry"


      The Data Entry Layout has a button that links back to "Home" with a Go to Layout.


      So I want to improve "Home" but don't want to mess with the active original. So I create "Home_New" and work on it until I like it and it does everything I want. Then I rename "Home" to "Home_old" and "Home_new" to "Home"


      The button still goes to "Home_Old"


      I imagine this is because it actually is referring to a parameter of the layout, not the title I give it (So, really, FM is behind the scenes giving each layout a Primary Key)


      But how do I make new versions of Layouts and then replace the old one so that all the things that link to it still work?


      Thanks in advance!

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          You can specify the exact name by calculation. Each Layout has an internal number that is used by default.


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            You can simply change the target layout of the script. You can create two or more layouts with the exact same name. This can cause problems if you do this based on a name calculation. This is why FM uses the internal layout number. It is also nice when you decide to change a layout name but still want everything to work, which is usually the case for most people.

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              The other option would be to create a duplicate and name that one OLD while you make changes to the working layout.


              I would say that changing the layout target for the one navigation script is the better way. This is usually what I do.

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                Thanks for the fast responses!


                All of these are helpful options.


                Maybe I am going about buttons the wrong way (specifically for buttons navigating throughout my solution)


                There are actually many layouts that have this same button... so I'm sensing that instead of using "Specify Layout" on the individual the Button Setup, any time I have buttons that appear on many Layouts, I should use "Perform Script" and do the redirecting there so that I have a more global approach to making changes.