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Value List shows wrong information

Discussion created by Johan Hedman on Aug 2, 2017
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I have a value list that is based out of a table that looks like this

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.58.33.png

ID and a Name


The Value List looks like this

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.58.53.png


Include all values and only show second value. Pretty simple value list


I have a script that loops through all records from that table at startup of the solution to set all values form that table into a $$Variable that I call $$Flik_ID_Alla


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.59.11.png

I then on a layout have one button with one script that where I set a global field to that $$Flik_ID_Alla


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.59.23.png


On the same layout I then have a global field that have the Value List (above Fi_Flikar_Alla_ID_Namn).


When I click on the button to set the global field to have all record IDs from table Flik into that field it does things correctly.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 11.07.08.png


But when I click on the Value List to it does not mark all value in the value list. First on is not enabled with a "v". The portal sitting under my global field with the Value List are supposed to show records based on the choice in that global field. That is showing 100% correct, but the Value List is only show 20 out of 21 values as chosen. As you can see in the example down under, you can see that there is a document that have "AF-delar" in the portal, meaning it is actually working but for some reason FMP is not showing it as chosen.


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.59.50.png


FileMaker Pro 16v2

Mac OS 10.12.6