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    Portal filter




           First thanks to all for the support so on.


           I have a layout that i put side by side 2 portal listing the same table because of the height limitation of my layout.

           I need to filter in the first portal the first 10 records and in the second the records 11 to 20.

           How can i do that ?


      Best regards,



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          Portals on a layout (same portal) can be set to specify the START record number and the NUMBER of records (rows) that show in the portal.


          Just look closely at the Portal Setup for these values. This is not a filter, but the hard-coded values. Set the first one to start at 1 and show 10 records, for example. And the second portal would start as 11 and show the 20 records (with scroll bar).


          As I may not be assured of only so many, I'll place a scroll bar on the last portal just in case.


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