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    FMP 16- BUG or FEATURE?


      Running Win 10 Home (yes, Home) build 1703 with FMPA 16.


      I understand how FMP switched to using SDI with FMP 16.


      .... But still,  i's it normal behavior for the Script Workspace to .get fully minimized by single clicking  outside the area, like on another window in the background ?   I recall in earlier versions you had to explicitly close the script workspace.  Is this just typucal SDI behavior ?.


      Also, the script  workspace will occasionally abruptly close on its own after typing a script step. 


      Do others experience these behaviors, esp in Windows ?

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          I would not think that is normal behavior.  I don't have Windows 10 home, I have PRO.   When I click  another Window that Window come to the front, the script Window is left unchanged.   The home version is not listed as supported, but I would not think that would be an issue, because Window 10 Pro has more features added, but nothing that should cause the Windows to minimize.


          Have you seen this behavior in multiple databases or just in one database?   Maybe a corruption issue if happen in only one file.

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            Thanks for your reply!


            To answer your question, the workspace minimization issue happens in every file, even in brand new ones.  For comparison, I opened the file in FMPA 14 -and this didn't occur.


            The other issue (i.e., of the workspace just closing when I, say,  try to enter a calc. as part of a script step) occurs unpredictably.  The latter goes away, however, if I reboot my machine. (Note: Rebooting does not fix the minimization issue, above)


            I have reinstalled FMP, but no improvement  was observed..


            Something tells me this is a Windows issue, although every other app works fine.


            Perhaps I should reinstall Windows (or waste  $100 to upgrade to Pro)  ?


            Ideas ??

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              I would test on another computer before I upgraded to Pro.  I prefer Pro, and will only buy pro.  I don't know of any difference between home and pro that would cause windows to minimize.   I would guess that something else on the computer is not compatible with FM and is causing the issue.  I'm sure there are other Window Home users and this would have been reported by now, if it was an issue.  I haven't seen any reports.   

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                Thank you, Schamblee.  I will try it out on my other machines.


                And thnx for the advice re: not going to Win Pro; the only advantage of upgrading for me personally would be drive encryption (which I can prob. live without for now).  The other features are meh.

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                  I have a similar problem - and I am running Win 10 pro - which is up to date etc.  Also FM Pro Advanced 16.  (15 does not behave like this.)  The script window on my computer does not minimise.  What happens is when I click on the script window (out of a calculation, comment, etc.) it is as if the script window is not there and clicking activates any window that is behind the script window bringing it to the front.


                  It seems to be a bug.

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                    Also it does not happen on my Mac...

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                      Can you give exact steps to cause the issue.    If I have a calculation window up, I can not click outside of the window, it gives a warning tone to let me know I have to click Ok or Cancel to leave the calculation Windows.

                      I can't duplicate.


                      Report a Product Issue

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                        Interesting, peabrainpete. That's exactly what happens to me.


                        To schamblee, how to replicate:


                        Open script workspace.

                        Choose New Script.

                        Enter a few  script steps, esp one with a calc..

                        Click OUTSIDE the script workspace dislog.


                        Watch the script workspace vanish behind

                          whatever window you had just clicked onto.

                          (alternatively, the workspace may get minimized

                          to the task bar)

                        Gnash teeth and then ask why you upgraded so soon.

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                          Thanks hbh.  Excellent and accurate description of the issue.


                          To replicate the problem easily:


                          Create a number of comments.  Edit one of the comments by double clicking it.  Then click somewhere in the script workspace - and where you click picks the window behind the script window bringing it to the forefront i.e. into focus...


                          And in addition to the gnashing of teeth there is wailing!

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                            Windows Home is not a supported OS for FileMaker Pro 16, so you should really update to Pro if only for this reason only: FileMaker Pro 16 Technical Specifications | FileMaker.

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                              hbh & peabrainpete


                              I created a script with 4 comment and a if statement, then I enter the calculation window of the if statement.

                              Nothing happens when I click on the desktop, if I click on any other Window in FM I get the warning tone that I must click Ok  or Cancel.   Just as you state in your original post (hbh) I have to explicitly close.


                              FM has had one update released for FM16.  I suggest installing it if you have not already installed.

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                                I'm using Win 7 home premium and FM Adv. 16 and do not experience this problem at all.

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                                  Is either of you using a plug-in?  If so I would remove the plug-in and test again.


                                  Home edition is not listed, which means it has not been tested, so FM doesn't support, but it does not mean it will not work / run FM.    I've seen other post where people have used Home edition without issue.   Pete stated he is using PRO.



                                  Also verify that you are not using a prerelease or beta version of FM.    I couldn't update my FM because I forgot to remove the prerelease version.  I had to uninstall then install the full version.   Prerelease could have issues, that the Full version does not.

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                                    I get this sometimes also, Win 10 Pro.  No plugins installed.  I have BE installed now and it still happens, it happened before and happens now.

                                    The click will register on whatever window is behind and will even click a button.

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