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One-Many Relationship Tables and Data Imports

Question asked by JuliaOlsen on Aug 2, 2017
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I have a DB which has a number of related tables.


I need to import data into "Summer Work" which is linked both to "Teacher Data" and "Business Records".  Each teacher has one summer work record, but each business may have many summer work records as one business may employ multiple teachers each summer. The summer work records which I initially create show up correctly in both "Teacher Data" and "Business Records".  I use portals to display these connected record. See Map of Relationships attached.


  1. I create the Summer Work records in advance through the "Teacher Data" interface. This creates a record in "Summer Work" which does in fact link to both linked tables ("Teacher Data" and "Business Records")
    • See Summer Work History Record Creation, attached.
    • This is necessary as I have the positions available for the teachers before we have all the details to import
    • The data comes from excel files which are generated from online forms.
    • I am having two problems (or the same problem) with both sets of relationships.
  1. To import the records into "Summer Work", the following happens
    • I import the data as "update matching records" based on year and teacher last name.
    • I have the "Teacher Data" and "Business Records" referenced as foreign keys with a lookup value.
    • A new record is created which does NOT seem to pull the FK lookups
    • See Summer Work, attached.


You will notice in the relationship map I also need to import "Teacher Weekly Feedback" (many per teacher per year) which links to "Summer Work" (one per teacher per year). Same issue. 


To summarize, the data is importing, but how do I get the correct linkages to my other tables on import?  I need an outside observer to help me out here. Thank you in advance.