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Thru webdirect, can FM direct to a particular layout based on the device used?

Question asked by tomperr on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by James Parker

In my current program, if I sign on to file with iPhone, I will be directed to a phone formatted layout.  If signing on from iPad, I will be directed to a layout created for the iPad.  I noticed in using WebDirect, the same rules do not apply and I am directed to the iPad layout every time.  Is there a way to direct the program to a layout conducive to the device when signing on thru webDirect?  I am particularly interested in this because 1 of my team members is using an android phone to access and the iPad layout is opened.  My current startup script is: 

If [PatternCount ( Get ( Application );"Go_iPad") = 1]

     Go to Layout [ Tablet layout ]

Else If [PatternCount ( Get (ApplicationVersion ); "Go") = 1]

     Go to Layout [ iPhone layout ]


     Go to Layout [ PC Layout ]

End If


I guess my last resort is to re-order the if so that the 1st goes to the phone layout if there is no other way.

Thank you in advance!