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    Pop ups



      i have a data base fm 14 advanced and use pop ups which work ok but now I have upgraded to fm pro 16 advanced not had a chance to use it but I'm asking a question about pop ups within pop ups which would be really handy for this database

      is their away to work this solution

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          The short answer is "No", the good answer is here: Can you add a PopOver inside another PopOver.


          Also, have a look at Card Windows in FileMaker 16.

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            You can't do pop ups within pop ups, but you can have buttons on popups that open other (hidden) popups.

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              Hi David, will look into it, the pop ups required are only static information so no fields are used within the pop ups, but please explain pop ups that open other hidden pop ups,

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                you can have a button to a popover to open a popover that is placed outside the popover.

                Usually you need a global field to make the second popover to work

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                  It depends on your goal. 'Popovers' are just a way to achieve a UI effect.


                  You can add a popover button to your layout and give it a Hide condition of 1, ie it will always be hidden. Then give the popover itself (not the button, but the actual popover box) a name, say 'Popover1'. Then in the original popover where you wanted a nested popover, add a button. It can be a single step button, and the script step is Go to Object [ "Popover1" ].

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                    Yes but if you read the thread that nicolai recommended, you'd read about button bars. You can use a button bar inside your popover that deploys on demand just like a small limited popover. It can be especially helpful when deploying a solution on the limited screen of an iPhone in place of the rather awful value selectors that pop up in lieu of drop down lists and pop up menus.


                    For a working example that you can both test drive in Pro or GO, see:

                    Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection


                    The last demo in this file illustrates how to use a button bar in this fashion. Each demo in this file comes with detailed documentation on the methods illustrated in the demo.