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    Portal conditional sizing


      Is it possible for Filemaker to to automatically size a portal in a layout depending on the number of entries in the portal?


      For example: A layout showing Rooms with a related number of Widgets in a portal. Some rooms have 1 widget, others have 5, a couple have 10. If you set the portal size to show up to 10 related records, then for each each Room record, the portal will take up the space of 10 related records.


      For printing (clarity and to save paper), I would like the result to be different portal sizes depending on the number of related records from the Widgets table. So, if the Room record has only 1 Widget in the portal, the portal is just big enough for one related record. If the room record has 5 Widgets in the portal, then the portal would just be big enough for 5 related Widget records, and so on.

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          Thank you for your post!


          It is not possible to have a Portal Object dynamically slide or resize based on the number of Portal Rows.


          I'm going to move this thread from the FileMaker Community Feedback Space (which is specifically for input on the Community itself) to the Discussions Space where you should receive more views and potentially more feedback on this topic!



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            Thank you.


            I hope this can be a new feature in future versions.


            I desperately need this feature to create the kind of reports I want with a better use of space on the pages.



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              It IS possible for print/preview/PDF to a limited degree, but not for Browse mode.


              You can use the inspector to set a portal to "slide up" and "resize enclosing part" to reduce the size of the portal to fit the number of rows. You can't cause the portal that increases in size so you have to make the portal a great many rows tall and possibly add error checking that checks for more records than will fit the portal. But within those limits, it can be done.


              If possible, a more flexible approach is to use a list view layout based on the portal'a table instead of a portal. Such a layout can still include fields from the parent table.