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    Reverse Proxy Issues


      The IT support for my client are having issues with a reverse proxy for WebDirect in FileMaker Server 14 running on OSX 10.9.5. below is the information they are giving me, I am not ion site and have no remote access. I have substituted for the real Ip address and ‘theURL’ for the desired url.


      To explain a little of the situation. There are 2 apache services running on the FileMaker Server, one using port 80 has a php form which will be replaced by this WebDirect form, currently on 8080.


      The apache server running the reverse proxy is 10.11.2 (server), not patched to 6 due to know issue



      This is the config of the reverse proxy:


      ProxyPreserveHost On

      ProxyPassReverse /onlinebrief       Ignore this, this is for the current online brief

      ProxyPass /onlinebrief                    Ignore this, this is for the current online brief

      ProxyPassReverse /onlinebrieftest

      ProxyPass /onlinebrieftest


      Had config with both # and no # in URL


      The last two lines are for the test online brief


      What we get back when browsing to the URL http://theURL/onlinebrieftest is either:


      Error: “Failed to load the bootstrap javascript: ./../../VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js”




      Webdirect unable to locate the URL, unable to re-replicate this error to get full message.




      The URL work okay





      Can anyone help?