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Can a valid SSL-certificate be invalid?

Question asked by MichaelHeider on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by RonSmithMD


I've got a Apple mac OSX 10.11 server computer with FileMaker Server installed and a DNS-server routing the name of the server to it's own IP-address. With that configuration I can use valid SSL-certificate in the intranet - because the servername (with domainname) of the certificate is routed to the right machine.


But, when I connect with a client machine to FileMaker server, the warningbox says, the certificate isn't valid. But when I hit "View Certificate" the certificate has a green OK-icon and the description says "This certificate is valid". So, what is right: Is the certificate invalid or is it valid?

The same, when I open a file: The security icon is orange. But when I click on it, I get the same message: Green OK and "This certificate is valid".


It seems on Mac OS with Mac clients FileMaker server can't decide whether a certificate is valid or not ... Can that be?



Mac OS 10.11.6 with server app running

FileMaker Server 16.0.2



Mac OS 10.11.6

FileMaker Pro 16.0.2 Advanced


PS: The used SSL-certificate is a GeoTrust TrueBusiness for "fms01" with SAN for "fms04" (which is the LAN name of the server).

PPS: The same certificate used with WIN server and similar configurations: No problem, valid certificate, green icons everywhere!