try to use data in the same table in other tables on same database

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I need some help with the following. First I am using file maker pro advanced 11. On the database I have a table called “MASTER” where I have names address etc.

I would like to be able to pull the same data from the table “MASTER” on other tables on the same database, ie for example a table called “CREDIT APPLICATION” and another table called “INVOICE”

At the moment I have been able (using a drop down menu) to do the table “INVOICE”  (which fills in all the data from the MASTER table that I need, but the table called “CREDIT APPLICATION” will not work. I have put a drop down menu on “CREDIT APPLICATION” where I get only one line of data from the table “MASTER”. No other data is transferred. This one line is set up using the edit value list. When I run the the table called “INVOICE” it comes up with the drop down arrow which I click on and the names from the “MASTER” table is displayed. Select the person  you want and it fills the line in “CREDIT APPLICATIOPN” but none of the other data is displayed like address phone number etc

I have made sure that the units relationship is connected under manage database/relationships in both tables (CREDIT APPLICATION AND INVOICE). Have made sure the settings in the inspector are the same as the one that is working except change the setting to suite that current table.

I have tried as well to keep “CREDIT APPLICATION” clear of the “MASTER” by trying to pull the info from the table “INVOICE”. Have tried to duplicate the table “MASTER” to see if that was the problem.

Cannot use portal, even though I have tried and the problem is that even when I tried it the data did not come through

Thank You