Print layouts changing formatting by FileMaker Version

Discussion created by PeterGort on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by TSGal

We have a school customer who recently upgraded from FileMaker 13, to FileMaker 15.  When they went to print their school reports,  layout items that were mixed bold and plain text became all bold text.  The customer supplied me with a backup copy of their system from before the upgrade, to compare.   I opened the system up in 15 and looked, and sure enough, they were rendering incorrectly.  I then opened the database files in FileMaker 16, and they are identical to 15, everything bold text.  I then exited, and re-opened the files in FileMaker 13, and they render correctly, with mixed Bold and Plain text.  The change happens whether on Mac or on Windows, and all supported OS versions of both platforms. 


Our customer is understandably annoyed, and we are going to have to re-work all the print layouts involved, at our expense.  I have attached images of the outputs, correct and incorrect, and I can supply a clone of the database file that printed them, for investigation if needed.