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Outlook file is in use and can't be accessed

Question asked by globe11123 on Aug 3, 2017
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Outlook 2016 MSO 16.0.8326.2062

Filemaker Pro

Windows Pro version 1703


Both versions of Filemaker and Outlook are 32bit.


On of our client computers must of had a outlook/windows update recently that stopped emails working in SAGE accountancy program.


The SAGE technician basically messed with a few layouts on SAGE and made sure that outlook was ran as administrator everytime, this fixed the problem with emailing out of SAGE.


Now this has created a new problem in that if we try to email out of filemaker, we get an error saying that the outlook file is currently in use and can't be assessed. This is definitely down to outlook being open as administrator.


Email function works if outlook isn't currently open. If outlook is open with run as administrator we get this error.


What can be done? We need to use both SAGE and filemaker.