File Corruption - Access Privileges Damaged or Tampered With

Discussion created by honeycomb on Aug 3, 2017
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OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan

FMS 16.0.1


Four times in the past month one of our database files has become corrupted. Each time it happened I was alerted by a user who said they got an error that the "Script cannot be found or has been deleted." When I open the file (hosted on FMS), although it opens, I find all the scripts are missing from the file. If I try to open a backup of this file (clone or full backup) I get the lovely error message, "The access privileges in this file have been damaged or possibly tampered with."


I can not run FM Recovery on the damaged file because of the corruption. However, FM Recovery on a backup of the file just prior to corruption returns no damages. I was able to use FM Diff to analyze the file, but it too, returned no damages.


This is the same file that has experienced a font substitution change ( Font substitution problem). The thread for the discussion for some reason has been removed. The font substitution occurred several times while the file was hosted using FMS v15. Since moving to FMS v16 the substitution has not reoccurred. The author of the thread also had another thread going wondering if FMS was corrupting their file...

FileMaker Server might be corrupting our file??


Here's some background on some of the issues....


We haven't really experienced any other issues with the file other than the font substitution problem until recently (the past couple months). The file is approx. 11 GB and has anywhere from 50-90 users connected most of the work day. For years we were able to make small database schema changes on the live file (like fixing a calculation, or adding a new table occurrence), then one day it locked up during an update and we had to force quit FMP. Users logged in at the time of the lock up were able to continue working but if they logged out and tried re-opening the file, it would never open. We had to reboot the server for users to reconnect. We did restore to a backup prior to the force quit just to be safe.


We have also made changes to privilege sets on the live file, though not very often. We have never had an issue doing this but a couple months ago the file did lock up while updating changes to privilege sets. We had to force quite FMP. When we went back in to Security, the changes we made were actually saved. We ran Recovery on the file and found no corruption, so we stuck with the file.


Fast forward a couple weeks after the Privilege set issue and the file experienced the "Script could not be found..." error for the first time. Again, the file can be accessed on FMS (but no scripts are in it), but a local version of the file can't be opened due to the "Access privileges have been damaged" error. Each time this has happened, we have reverted to a backup.


We don't know what's causing the issue. I haven't been able to find a common denominator each time the corruption happens. Though it does seem that it occurs about the time a backup runs. The most recent corruption happened last night. The 8 pm backup finished at 8:02 pm. I logged in about 8:04 pm and saw the "Script could not be found" error. The 8pm backup was fine. The file was corrupt between 8pm and 8:04 pm.


Looking at the logs, I am seeing this each time this issue occurs....

FMS log.png



I'd like to avoid having to rebuild the file if at all possible.