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Question asked by sam.gedert on Aug 3, 2017
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Greetings FileMakers,


I am building a bulk e-mail system using 360 Works' CloudMail plugin.  To help generate the required HTML code I'm using a series of scripts as well as MonkeyBread Software's Text.TextToHTML plugin.  The MBS plugin works great save for one small issue. It does a great job processing fonts, size, colors and other formatting.  However, I am unable to get it to insert hyperlinks.


I have also looked into the Tim Dietrich's FMEasyHTML.  This seems to do what I need but I have a lot of questions about integration and it doesn't appear to be supported anymore.


I don't believe straight up CWP will work, so I'm at a loss.


Does anyone have any experience with or suggestions for a robust HTML editor inside of FileMaker?


Any insight is greatly appreciated.