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      Greetings FileMakers,


      I am building a bulk e-mail system using 360 Works' CloudMail plugin.  To help generate the required HTML code I'm using a series of scripts as well as MonkeyBread Software's Text.TextToHTML plugin.  The MBS plugin works great save for one small issue. It does a great job processing fonts, size, colors and other formatting.  However, I am unable to get it to insert hyperlinks.


      I have also looked into the Tim Dietrich's FMEasyHTML.  This seems to do what I need but I have a lot of questions about integration and it doesn't appear to be supported anymore.


      I don't believe straight up CWP will work, so I'm at a loss.


      Does anyone have any experience with or suggestions for a robust HTML editor inside of FileMaker?


      Any insight is greatly appreciated.



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          Somebody had a demo file that showed a basic word processor inside of a web viewer. It may have been part of an FMI webinar from the past few months. You might try looking on ModularFileMaker.org or in the archive of webinars. I'm pretty sure it was all Javascript-based. Googling "Javascript HTML editor" might find something as well.


          While a word processor isn't an HTML editor, you might be able to track something down that will work for you. I think Tim has pretty much moved on from FileMaker for other pastures which may or may not be greener.

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            Yes, a tinyMCE (JavaScript) - or similar - in a web viewer.

            Much like the editor on this forum for entering text, the JS can often let the user toggle between the Raw HTML & the WYSIWYG.


            GetAsCSS() does a somewhat ok translation for manually formatted text in a field. You still may need to add other HTML around this translated text.



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              Thanks David and Beverly,


              I'll look at Java editors and ModularFileMaker.


              I've also looked into tinyMCE and wasn't sure how to get resultant HTML into a field.  Any suggestions on resources for integrating tinyMCE into FM?


              I was not aware of the GetAsCSS function so I will try that.


              My programming skills are currently pretty limited beyond FileMaker, so any resource suggestions would be great as well.