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    Sales Tax Calculation


      I need to write a calculation but I can't figure it out.

      For the state of Tennessee any thing under $1600 get taxed at 9.0%

      and any thing after $1600 starts to get taxed at 2.75% but still keeping the

      9.0% from the first $1600. hopefully this makes sense.


      Thanks to all

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          You may wish to follow these instructions:

          You will get more responses.


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            Thank you for your post!


            While there may be better ways, I managed to accomplish this with:

            Case ( Field > 1600 ;

            ( 1600 * .09 + 1600 )+( (Field - 1600)*.0275 + Field - 1600)

            ; Field * .09 + Field)


            As beverly suggested, I'm also going to move this thread from the FileMaker Community Feedback Space (which is specifically for input on the Community itself) to the Discussions Space where you should receive more views and potentially more feedback on this topic!



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              Here's a slightly cleaned up version.


              This shows the Total with sales tax included

              Case ( Field > 1600 ;

              ( 1600 * 1.09 )+( (Field - 1600)*1.0275)

              ; Field * 1.09 )


              This shows just the sales tax to charge.


              Case ( Field > 1600 ;

              ( 1600 * .09 )+( (Field - 1600)*.0275)

              ; Field * .09 )

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                Once you have the basic math and logic working, You might consider how to put the key values here (1600, 1.09, 1.0275) into fields of a table somewhere and then have your calculation refer to those fields (or variables loaded from those fields) so that if the government changes these values on you, an authorized user can go in and edit the values without you as the developer having to redefine the calculation to use new constants (that weren't actually constants in the first place ;-)

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                  Another significant item to consider is where and how you may be storing the value of the calculation.

                  An invoice generated 3 years ago at a tax rate of 4% should be stored with the 4% sales tax value but an invoice from today at a rate of 5% should be stored as 5% sales tax value.

                  The effect of a change in the calculation as it affects all records over time should be carefully planned.

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                    Kris makes a good point. Often, the solution is to define these as an auto-enter calculation. Then rate changes don't cause a recalculation of older transactions.

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                      All figured out thanx to every one. Super helpful