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"GetThumbnail()" malfunctioning if 'Containers->Store thumbnails' is disabled

Question asked by justinc on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by TSGal

The problem is that the 'getthumbnail()' function appears to be behaving differently, and I believe it is failing to do it's job, if the 'Store Thumbnails' option is disabled in the File -> Manage -> Containers -> Thumbnails dialog.


This issue was originally mentioned in a comment on another thread ( GetThumbnail Not Working? ), but never elevated to a Product Issue.  I spoke with Clay (FMI Server guru - now head of Server Dev with Jon's leaving) and he said that he felt that this was a bug.  So I'm reporting it as such.


That original comment was also for an older version of FMPA.  I have also just confirmed that this issue still applies in FMPA 16.02.

Running on OS X 10.11.6.

This was a local file (i.e. not hosted on FMS); not sure it matters.


I have attached a demo file.


Message was edited by: Justin Close     Updated demo file attached; the original problem statement wasn't exactly clear, so read the responses below.  The short version is that it was the failure of the function to alter the Size of the image, not that it didn't output an image at all.  It does return the original image (un-sized) even if the 'Generate and Store Thumbnails' option is turned off.


Message was edited by: Justin Close     Modified and re-uploaded the demo file.  This is v3 now.


Message was edited by: Justin Close     Re-worded Title and initial description of the problem a bit.  It's not 'completely disabled', it just fails to function correctly.