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    Script WORKSPACE Bug FMPA 16


      FMPA 16, using latest update (v2)

      WINDOWS 10 HOME (1703 / 15063.483)

      Windows 10 PRO too

      No plug-ins

      Occurs in new files too

      Others report exact same issue; see my latest post, 8/3/17


      Problem: when working in the script workspace, if you click outside of the script workspace area, the script workspace window disappears behind another window or minimizes to the taskbar. Problem occurs episodically.


      Related problem : sometimes when working in script workspace and entering a calculation, it will not accept any input/characters. Then, when closing calc. dialog box, the script workspace itself will close. To fix this problem, I usually have to keep rebooting my machine



      How to replicate problm #1:


      Open script workspace.

      Choose New Script.

      Enter a few  script steps, esp one with a calc..

      Click OUTSIDE the script workspace dislog.


      Watch the script workspace vanish behind

        whatever window you had just clicked onto.

        (alternatively, the workspace may get minimized

        to the task bar)

      Other users report this same behavior occurs when entering a script comment and then clicking outside of the comment ( but remaining within the script workspace).



      Thank you!!



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          In Windows, does the script workspace run in a document window  (as opposed to a floating or dialog window) ?  Is so, the workspace disappearing behabior would make sense (that's what a document window would if not the active window).

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            I have this problem too.

            When working on a script, I can be making a comment in the usual way "#   etc."  When I click outside of the comment into the script workspace window, it as if the script workspace window is not there.  The click activates whatever is behind the script window which brings whatever is behind (other filmmaker windows, other program windows, etc. to the forefront.  (The changes to the comment are kept.)

            This does not happen on my Mac.  It only happens on my PC which is running the latest version of Windows 10 Pro and FM Pro Advanced 16.  It does not happen with FM 15.  All software on the computer is kept up to date. 

            The usual IT guru actions have been taken (turning off and back on again, etc.).


            To the excellent FM peeps, please can you look at this as it slows scripting down significantly.  Thanks in advance.


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              BTW, on my computer this behaviour is consistent and not episodic.

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                hbh and peabrainpete:


                Thank you for your posts.


                Our Development and Testing departments are aware of this issue with Windows 10 when the Creators update is applied.  I have attached your posts to the original report.  When more information becomes available, I will post again.



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                  Thank you