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    Business Card Scanner Recommendation


      Hi Everyone,


      A client is interested in using a scanner to "read" contact information from business cards into their CRM system.  Any hardware/software recommendations to start the process of capturing the data?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Not sure about CRM integration, but check out the ScanSnap ix500.


          What that scanner, I've gone totally paperless. It has applets for business cards and such and will scan 25ppm in color per minute double sided. It's changed the way I do almost everything paper related. It will also save to multiple formats. Best yet? It automatically OCRs documents as it scans them in!


          I automate paperless workflows with Hazel so there may be an integration idea using Hazel.


          With the "CardMinder" app for business cards, the ScanSnap OCRs the data on the business card and puts the business card data into fields. Not sure about the format of the file/DB created for CardMinder (for programmatic access) but you could search on that if this seems promising.


          Here are the scan options:

          Please post back with progress.


          HOPE THIS HELPS.

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            Thanks for the reply fmpdude.  The ScanSnap ix500 you recommended looks like a very good multipurpose scanner, with the capabilities for a variety of scanning activities.


            Our client is looking to replace a single function business card scanner whose software is no longer able to be updated because the manufacturer is out of business.


            Thanks again, and we will keep looking for business card specific options.

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              Sure. glad to help. I use the ix500 to scan and OCR business cards all the time, but, as you said, it's not a perfect match for your needs.

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                We have several ix500's and they are really excellent scanners. I would highly recommend them. We we bought ours, FullCity Consulting had some software called Snap to FM which allowed the ix500 to automatically trigger a FileMaker script whenever anything was scanned. It doesn't look like it's on their website anymore, but it might be worth reaching out to them, because that integration works really well. Also, the ix500 might be a more expensive option, but in this case you really get what you pay for because they are highly reliable.

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                  Yep. My ix500 changed my entire workflow.


                  And, for a searchable full-text database, combine the ix500 with (on Mac) a tool like DevonThink Pro Office. And, as I stated above, using Hazel automation to go paperless.


                  Here's one of many articles that you may find interesting:


                  ScanSnap and Hazel Is A Match Made In Paperless Heaven