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    How to populate New Record


      I have two related tables  Consultants and Clients. The Client table has a field Consultantfk that relates to the Consultant tableID

      A consultant logs in on FileMaker Go to a Dashboard layout with a Client button.

      The Client button opens a Client layout where the available client records have been filtered using privilege set security and this is all working fine.

      However when the New Record Button is clicked a blank record is opened without any consultant info on it . If I manually put the Consultant ID number into the Consultantfk field it populates with the Consultant name etc. How can I have this happen automatically?

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          If I'm reading that right, the consultant logs into your database. Their ID needs to be added to any new Client they create. If their login user name is not the same as their ID, capture their ID on login with a global variable, and set the ConsultantID to the global variable when they create a new record.

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            If you set a global variable, say $$ConsultantID to a value on log in as has been suggested, you might set up an auto-enter calculation:




            To automatically enter the value of the variable each time a new record is created in that table.

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