Trouble Extracting a Date for the numbers from a QR code

Discussion created by mcintyre2 on Aug 3, 2017
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I’m having a problem with the Middle Function.  I might not have used the right

function to extract numbers from the middle of a string of integers.


I scanned a QR code from a breast implant box.


Numbers Scanned From a QR Code are





The breakdown is as follows


0110888628007284 17      210824   21          21592096

          18 integers      ?         date(08/24/2021)          ?          Serial Number


The first 18 integers are numbers that come before the date. The date is

08/24/2021.  It is the expiration date for a breast implant still in a box.


The last 8 digits are the serial number on the box.

The 17 and the 21 seem to be numbers common to all the QR codes on the boxes.


(I’m calling them

QR codes because they look like one. )



I tried extracting the date from the QR code by using

the Middle function and structure it as a date Month/day/Year  i.e. 08/24/2021. My original calculation was


Expiration_Date = Middle(QRScan;21,2) & “/“ & Middle(QRScan;23,2) & “/“ & “20” & Middle(QRScan; 19,2)


However this resulted in “21/08/2017”


When I looked at the code number, it appears that, using the middle function, off sets the

results by 2 characters to the left.  i.e. 17 is called.




The correct calculation is


Middle(QRScan;23;2) & "/" & Middle(QRScan;25;2) & "/" & "20" & Middle(QRScan; 21;2  )


It returns 08/24/2021


Did I use the wrong function? Why would it offset the results using 2 characters to the left?

Should I have used the Right Function?


Thank, Dr. B