Customize Portal Row for Contract Labor Layout?

Discussion created by BERGSTEN on Aug 3, 2017
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Hello! Long time no post. I've gotten to know FMP 15 a bit better but have hit my first snag in a while.


Some context.


I am creating a payroll database, divided into two sections... Full time and contract labor. I have "FullTime" set up perfectly with portal rows: Each record represents one pay period- and each portal row within that record represents the details for one employee. I have created a relationship with "FullTime_Link" (where the fields from the portal row in FullTime come from)- which allows entry to each row to generate a record for that individual making it easy to search an employee's hour/vacation time history. In other words, I have a "group" pay period view in "FullTime" and an option to isolate individual pay period records via "FullTime_Link" (with summary fields = running totals of YTD earnings etc).


That's great.


But now- I have hit a wall.


I thought I could do the exact same set up for our contract labor, except there are some different circumstances that have changed the game completely.

As I said, each portal row generates a new record in its linked table... which is unfortunate because contract labor employees may require anywhere from 1 to 5 or 6 rows PER employee. I wanted to have "ContractLabor" and "ContractLabor_Link" - and have it function the exact same way except it doesn't look like I can.

IE: Joe worked 4 days with 4 different "day rates", at 4 different shows all within the same pay period. I need to be able to show all 4 dates, shows and rates while still allowing them to automatically appear in a linked table on ONE RECORD under his name. I can't simply create 4 portal rows of Joe, or else they become 4 different records...

What am I missing?


I should add thatwe vary our contract labor employees from week to week. That's why the portal row has it's appeal. I could have 5 one week, 16 the next... they don't necessary recur weekly either. I need something flexible, varying- but somewhat "auto" in how the data collects per employee... while being neat and easy to use. It will need to be translatable into a print view eventually as well...


Thanks in advance!