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    Customize Portal Row for Contract Labor Layout?


      Hello! Long time no post. I've gotten to know FMP 15 a bit better but have hit my first snag in a while.


      Some context.


      I am creating a payroll database, divided into two sections... Full time and contract labor. I have "FullTime" set up perfectly with portal rows: Each record represents one pay period- and each portal row within that record represents the details for one employee. I have created a relationship with "FullTime_Link" (where the fields from the portal row in FullTime come from)- which allows entry to each row to generate a record for that individual making it easy to search an employee's hour/vacation time history. In other words, I have a "group" pay period view in "FullTime" and an option to isolate individual pay period records via "FullTime_Link" (with summary fields = running totals of YTD earnings etc).


      That's great.


      But now- I have hit a wall.


      I thought I could do the exact same set up for our contract labor, except there are some different circumstances that have changed the game completely.

      As I said, each portal row generates a new record in its linked table... which is unfortunate because contract labor employees may require anywhere from 1 to 5 or 6 rows PER employee. I wanted to have "ContractLabor" and "ContractLabor_Link" - and have it function the exact same way except it doesn't look like I can.

      IE: Joe worked 4 days with 4 different "day rates", at 4 different shows all within the same pay period. I need to be able to show all 4 dates, shows and rates while still allowing them to automatically appear in a linked table on ONE RECORD under his name. I can't simply create 4 portal rows of Joe, or else they become 4 different records...

      What am I missing?


      I should add thatwe vary our contract labor employees from week to week. That's why the portal row has it's appeal. I could have 5 one week, 16 the next... they don't necessary recur weekly either. I need something flexible, varying- but somewhat "auto" in how the data collects per employee... while being neat and easy to use. It will need to be translatable into a print view eventually as well...


      Thanks in advance!

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          You might set up your tables and relationships like this for contract employees:


          Employees----<Payperiods---<Labor records


          You use Labor records to record the hours worked for each show and all the necessary details. You then use fields in PayPeriods for your portal (or a list view based on the same) that sum the needed values from Labor records to compute the totals that you need.


          Or you use a summary field in Labor records that groups the records by pay period. A layout based on Labor Records with no body but a sub summary part for each pay period could produce the same one row to a pay period look, but not in a portal as you can with the first option I mentioned.

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            I do understand what you mean by having the specifics in "Labor Records" total in "PayPeriod"-- but what is the field structure in Labor Records? With Joe, for example- would his 4 shows/rates/dates be represented in a single labor record tied to the pay period?  Or would joe need 4 separate labor records for each show- which then total in Payperiod?

            If his 4 rates/shows/dates could be represented in a single labor record- would I be using portal fields from, say, "employee" to be able to enter in the details?


            Just trying to be clear I've been at this for hours so my head may be too foggy to process.
            Your help, as always is much appreciated.



            Below are images from the Full Time tables that were my goal for Contract - visually (as far as data presentation, not literally re: colors hah)



            Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 7.24.31 PM.png

            ^The Full Time portal "group view"


            Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 7.35.56 PM.png

            ^The individual report per employee/pay period w/ YTD totals etc

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              In your example, that would four separate labor records linked to one pay period record.

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                Okay. From what I can see this doesn't allow me to have more than one line per employee on the 'group view' without needing to place the employee's name over and over.

                My boss wants to be able to see the breakdown of each employee's earnings on the group view but also wants to eb able to isolate each employee and pull specific totals for them over any given period of time.

                Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 1.36.03 PM.png

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                  Sure you can.


                  Make this a summary report with a sub summary part for the employee's name etc. List the individual entries in the body of the report. There are even ways to play games with the sort order to expand or collapse the detail section (but it expands/collapses all entries in the report not just for one employee). You can also use a popover to pop out a detail view if you need to be able to hide/show such details selectively.


                  In  list view that doesn't use sub summary parts or in a portal, Hide Object When can hide a name if the previous record is for the same person. (GetNthRecord can be used in hide expression to access values from the previous row.)