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    Grouping & Selection


      Hello awesome FM community,


      I am retrieving datas from a portal



      I'd like to be able to select keyword (a) (e) and (f) using a checkbox and then apply a modification to this selection (let's say add a tag to them)


      I did not find a way to create such a selection (maybe i should be in search mode?) and to apply modifications on a selection.


      If you have any ideas ?



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          Can you describe what you want in more detail?

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            Is each check box in your example on its own portal row?

            Would you enter or select the tag to associate with them in a separate text field?

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              Hey philmodjunk


              Thanks for your answer


              Let's say that in a database you have these keywords :

              vegan ice cream

              ice cream ideas for vegans

              how to do ice cream

              vegan ice cream recipes

              how to do ice


              and you decide that you would like to write a Page (http://www.yoursite.com/vegan-ice-cream-receipe ) about keyword N°1 / 2 / 4 (because they relate to vegan)


              With lots of keywords, this grouping of (keywords) into (pages) can be  difficult, so i need a way to sort my keywords and then to group them (i was thinking of using a checkbox next to them because it looks easier to check / uncheck keywords).


              When the selection is done


              [ X ] vegan ice cream

              [ X ] ice cream ideas for vegans

              [   ] how to do ice cream

              [   ] vegan ice cream recipes

              [ X ] how to do ice


              I'd like to "script" this selection


              for example Loop [ (open keyword view) - (Set field _fkPage to a desired value) ]

              in order to attach the keywords to a new page.


              Do you see where i want to go ? 

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                Well.. I start to understand what i can do...


                I added a Field in the Keyword table : Keyword_selected

                I used a checkbox with value list (with only one value : 1) in my portal.


                Now if i check the keyword i give him a value of 1 in Keyword_selected ; so it is quite easy for me to retrieve the selected keywords with a search.




                So part 1 of my problem is resolved (how to select keywords)


                And part 2 should be also resolved soon Thanks !

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                  If your file is shared, you'd need some addition for the checkbox which also shared. (If you check in a record, it applied to all other users)

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