ESS/ODBC is slow when using calculation fields

Discussion created by druide on Aug 4, 2017
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We are looking at moving data from a couple of FMP tables to MySQL, while keeping FM as the GUI. So far, everything is fine, and performance is good... except for one place. One of the layouts is using calculation fields to make it easier to search multiple fields from the same text box. Example:


adresseligne1 & " "  & adresseligne2 & " "  & adresseligne3 &   " "  & adresse_secondaire_ligne1 & " "  & adresse_secondaire_ligne2 & " "  & adresse_secondaire_ligne3

When we use those for search, FileMaker is fetching *all* data from the MySQL table, and since we have over 450 000 records, it takes a long time. If we use regular fields, everything is fast. But that would require to add many fields to the search layout.


Any workaround?