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    Field Validation and data entry


      I'm feeling a bit stuck. I have a layout that includes 5 numeric fields.  The user MUST enter data into one of these fields, but ONLY one.  Once data is entered, they will move onto the next section of the form.  I have been playing around with field validation and can't quite get it working.

      Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this? 

      Any help would be much appreciated, Thank you (:

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          Count ( field1, field2, field3 ) will return 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 depending on the presence of valid values in fields.

          your navigation control could fire a script that looks at the Integer returned by Count() and acts accordingly

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            You might use OnObjectEnter on the fields of the second section to run a script that checks the values of the fields in the first section.




            You put these "sections into different panels of a slide control. Use a button with a script that only brings the next panel into view if data entry for the current section is valid.


            Many other options are possible.

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              One of the other options...


              Don't put the 5 numeric fields on the layout.


              Instead put two global fields.

              One is a numeric field.

              The other is a menu selection (or radio button) specifying which of the 5 numeric fields this is for.


              The navigation button (or whatever interface tool you are using) to move to the next section will fill in the value to the appropriate one of the 5 numeric fields.