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How is  a 'Running Balance' equation achieved from a required 'Starting Number'?

Question asked by springer01 on Aug 4, 2017
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I have a layout of fields where, from a starting balance number: 'n_start_value',   the following for each date:


n_gross_pay— n_fed_tax —n_state tax are subtracted for a balance   = c_amt_rec'd.      I need that balance to be a 'running total' for each date.


The starting balance is the value of my annuity on 12 Dec '16, then  each month I receive a payment from which federal & state taxes are deducted for an amount received. This amount is identical for each month. This amount is deducted from the remaining value of my annuity each month.

I can't find a SummaryFunction' to allow a starting value. Perhaps I need a combination of Functions but it is beyond my ken. Need help!