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Mom's Book App

Question asked by blackcatenterprise on Aug 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by fmpdude

Ok, my mother loves to read and after years has TONS of books in her library. She is old fashioned and prefers her physical books as opposed to electronic. I am rebuilding her little book app I made for her a few years back to update it and add a couple features now that her library has grown even more. The whole idea is not just for her to lookup books she may be interested in but prevent her from buying a book she already has in her library. Now...


I am using FMP 16, trying to use either a manually entered or scanned ISBN to retrieve all the book info including cover image from an open source database over the internet such as Open Library. I have tried many methods using their API and have yet to be able to figure this out. When I try researching I keep finding tons of information on how FMP Go can now scan barcodes, etc. No help with my particular situation. Perhaps I am not wording my search correctly to find the information I need, not sure.


I have attached a copy of the database in progress for any assistance. No worries as it is for personal use for my mother.  =)philmodjunk