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    MAC to Windows Printing Issue


      I have a database that was originally configured for a MAC environment. I have noticed that when going into the Print Preview mode on the MAC it is scaled to 55% by default, which works fine. On the Windows Machine the scaling appears to be at 100%, which cuts off half of the page. On the Windows printer page setup I do not have an option to scale the layout Any ideas what options I have to be able to print from the Windows machine?


      Windows 10 machines

      File Maker Pro 13


      Attached are the screen shots from how the layout looks, and how it looks when it prints.


      Thanks for the help!

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          Stephen Huston

          Print dialog options such as scaling are printer-specific, and depend on the printer drivers installed on that OS. These options are not FM-based.

          Look for newer or alternate printer drivers to install for the printer in use.

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            Preview Mode displays a single page. Go into Page Setup and select a different Page Page Size.


            It appears you are trying to Print a Data Entry Screen. However, look at Page Setup under the File Menu. There is a Scale Percentage that you can alter, at least on a Mac in FMA 13. I don’t have 13 installed on a Windows machine.



            I think what you need to do is to create a Report that can be used by MAC & Windows. Go in to Layout mode and select new layout and choose  “Printer” and then “Report”. Follow the report wizard and once a new report is available, you will need to size the report to fit the printer margins. I suggest sizing the layout (Report) after printing from Mac & Windows. You may notice some size differences between the two. Also, different printers may have differences.


            Before you make any changes I suggest you make a backup of the file and modify the copy.


            Good Luck,



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              You will have to create a new Windows print layout that is the correct size, Windows does not have the scaling feature of the MAC.

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                schamblee and  @mikeoneil are  absolutly right.

                Windows doesn't use printersettings the way Apple does.