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Please Help!  Need Script to Increase Time Fields by 30 Minutes

Question asked by bendavis1957 on Aug 5, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by mikeo'neil

I thought that this would be really easy but I've been beating my head against the wall for two days now.  I'm a novice and I've spent big $$ with a developer and was left high and dry at the end of the day on Friday.


Basically, I have a database containing info on about 50 students.  Each student must be scheduled for one 30 minute lesson, one day each week.  So I have a time field for every student and each student has been assigned to a particular day.


So, I did a simple sort on the day, or I could do it by name/alpha, but the idea is to determine the best day for each student.


Then, I thought it would be simple to start out with a "Show Custom Dialogue Box, using a global field called "Starting_Time" to use for the first time slot for each day of the week.  Then, just take the first time (8:00 AM) and loop through the records adding 30 minutes to each students time field.  It would look something like:


Bob     8:00 AM

Bill       8:30 AM

Amy     9:00 AM

Ben      9:30 AM


and just continue to the end of each day and repreating the process for the next day with 8:00 am as the start time.   Then, minor time changes could be made manually as needed.   Does anyone have a script that will work--hopefully that I can understand?