Certifications with multiple companies

Discussion created by fmtraining on Aug 6, 2017
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We are a company providing trainings to FM users and developers since 2012. Our teachers also work as independent FM developers, are mostly FBA members and take the certification exams. Our company is also a paying FBA member and Authorized Trainer.


However, we have never been able to get our teachers exams listed except with their own consultancy business. And not with the training company.

In Jan. 2016 an FMI employee agreed this was not appropriate and said they were working to improve. The new 'Find a Partner' was not the improvement we were hoping and waiting for. It is still not possible... Do we need to do the exam twice!?


Are there other FBA members who are affected by this and would also see this changed? In general, what is your opinion on this?

Ofcourse I understand one person can not be listed with many different companies, but 2 or 3 different types of companies?


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René Ros

FMTraining, The Netherlands