Conditional Field Calculation Assistance

Discussion created by mdjoyce on Aug 5, 2017
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I have a form that includes two fields named "Portraits" and "Portrait Date".


The "Portraits" field contains a dropdown box with three options, "Yes", "Maybe", and "No".


If the user selects "Yes" or "Maybe" in the "Portraits" field, I want the form to require that they input a date in the "Portrait Date" field.  If the user selects "No", I don't want the system to validate that a date is inputted in the "Portrait Date" field.


Currently, I have the below calculation present for validation...


( Portraits = "yes" and not IsEmpty ( Self ) ) or Portraits = "no"  & ( Portraits = "maybe" and not IsEmpty ( Self ) ) or Portraits = "no"


Evidently, the above works fine if a user selects "yes" or "no" in Filemaker Go.  However, if the user selects "maybe" and even enters a date, the program will prompt the user to enter a "portrait date", even though one is present.


Thank you for anyone who might be able to offer some suggestions to resolve my issue.  I am not very skilled at producing code and seem to get by from other examples I find.