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    Disconnection during Script Execution


      Dear Gentlemen,

      I need you generous feedback on the below case.


      I have a database file on a F.M. server with 10 concurrent connections.

      If one of the client triggers a script, the first steps of this script create new records, amending current records, save variables ...etc.  What if at the middle of the script execution an accident disconnection occurred, & due to this disconnection the last steps were not completed.

      My question is that does the F.M server revert all the created events in order to let the same client repeat the script execution (because the last one had not finished all the required steps)? & if the server can not handle & treat this disconnection, how we can prevent the missing consequences?


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          No, FM or FMS does not revert all changes, unless you built it so.  What you are describing is the concept of 'transactions' and the FM platform does not have that natively.


          But it is not that hard to build yourself or implement a ready-built one: http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/transactions/


          Read through the documentation carefully because the underlying concepts of FM behavior are crucial to understand.  They all revolve around understanding how FM opens records and when it commits them, and the notion that you can  only have multiple open (= not committed) records in any one window if there is a parent-child relationship between those records.

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