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    filemaker stopped working


      Hi All

      I wrote a script that looks at the delivery status of parcels through a URL from our delivery operators website. I then parse the information into Filemaker.

      I posted it on my server and to a point it works perfectly. However after about 100 reputations I get the error "filemaker stopped working" (see below) ... and I am forced to close the application... does anyone know what my problem might be?............. Mike

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          Well, it could be you are loading up the memory and it is running out of memory each repetition.  Or it could be that the API sends unexpected data after 100 and results in a FM crash.  I would first start with putting a pause statement in between each loop of say 1/10 of a second.  See if that helps.  Debug up to Loop 100 and see if it happens when running the debugger and you can see what is going on.  Have script error capture and save results to a field. 


          What version of  FileMaker are you using?  What operating system and version?  What computer and how much memory?  Are you using any plugins?  Is this working on a file hosted on FileMaker Server?

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            You are right Taylor ... I have been getting messages that my computer is running low on memory.. I took what you said on board  and ran my programme on a new laptop and it worked perfectly.. I obviously need to have my computer looked at.. Thanks Taylor for your time and input... I really appreciate it.. I was actually worried there for a while..

            ( I am using FM 15 hosted on FMP Host ) Mike