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Auto-complete in calculation window erases previous word

Question asked by justinc on Aug 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by justinc

This is a weird one.  I'm using FMPA 16.02 to edit a hosted file.


I have been doing a lot of refactoring on a layout after making a new T.O. and rebasing an existing layout on the new T.O.  This has involved a lot of manual editing of calculations, e.g. Hide conditions, etc.  I have attached a little screen capture showing the erroneous erasure happening.  This problem has survived a program closing/opening (FM itself, not just the file).  I have NOT been able to replicate it in a new file, however.  It is highly repeatable in this one file in question, though.


I noticed after a bit that sometimes I would lose a leading word when replacing the table name in the calculation.  This is in the case of a clause that has multiple logical tests connected with "OR" or "AND".  Here's an example calculation:

Get( WindowMode ) = 1

or cur_PROJ TALENT::show_Photo = 0

or  cur_PROJ TALENT::NotAvail = 0


In this case I was replacing "cur_Proj Talent" table name with "Lists_Anchor".  I would use the option-Delete and option-backspace to delete the existing table name.  I would then start typing the new name and the calculation auto-complete pop-over would show up with suggestions.  I would type enough to get close and then hit the Tab key to accept the current selection.  But when I hit Tab it would erase the word "OR" and the start of the line.


If I had two spaces between the "OR" and the table name I was replacing, then it would NOT erase the leading word.   You can see this in the video - I have added a 2nd space between the "OR" and the table name before doing a replace.


In the video I replace the instance in the first line without any incident.  At around the 4 second mark I start editing the 2nd line in the calculation, which is when the odd bits start.  At around the 7 second mark you can see as I delete the table name and start typing the new one, then at the 9 second mark the new table name I want is shown and highlighted.  The only thing I do after it is highlighted is to hit Tab - I didn't use the mouse for anything, nor use option-Delete nor cmd-Delete to remove anything - just hit the Tab key.  At which point it deletes the leading word "OR" from the start of the line.  The 3rd line goes off without a hitch because I added (for demonstration and testing purposes only) a second space between the words.


I have made some light attempts to recreate this in another file but haven't been able to.