need help with formula. new to FMP

Discussion created by alexp on Aug 6, 2017
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Hi all, I have recently begin to use fmp. I am currently using FMP to develop an inventory system.


I am trying to use a portal to display the total data from said item and use that to - off when a item has been used.

problem I am encountering is the portal is only displaying values from ID 1 even when I use the summary calculation.


I will have x2 ID say 1 and 4 and it will display the total summary count on that layout. but when I view the layout with the portal the only data shown is that of ID 1.


I have a delivery layout, usage layout and a storage layout I'm trying to summarize with the delivery layout and - off the usage layout. while displaying both counts in the storage layout using portals.


if any has any advice or able to talk me through the process would be greatly appreciated.