Need Sum of Transactions > 0 & < 0

Discussion created by springer01 on Aug 6, 2017
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I have a VISA account in which the accounting period is from-to the 5th of each month. I have successfuly been able to get a Summary by Month of 's_total of transactions' when sorted by Month: 'd_month_sort'. However, my VISA Statement has monthly subtotals of Payments & Purchases to the 5th of each month. In my layout, in the Field 'n_transactions', Payments are a positive nbr (Debit): 10.99, and Purchases a negative nbr (Credit): (10.99).I created 2 Fields: 'n_trans_G_0' (transactions > zero) & 'n_trans_L_0' (transactions < zero). These Fields are:

Calculation  = If (n_transactions < "0" ;  Sum (n_transactions ; "0"))

and a duplicate Field, except ('n_transactions > "0"').

Problem is: when sorted by 'd_month_sort' the resulting Sum is only the LAST transaction of each month, showing in the proper Field, not the sum of ALL Debits or Credits in the respective Field for the Month .

How do I:

1. Have a Function that shows the sum of ALL of the respective Debits or Credits for the Month?

2. Have the equation calculate from the 4th thru the 5th of the succeeding month?

If I can accomplish those I can compare the results to my Statement to see if I have entered each entry correctly. Of course I compare each entry with the Statement but, at the age of 85, I've been known to make errors and not be able to detect them.

I will by Thankful for any help!