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Does it make sense to merge two similar databases?

Question asked by WilliamDuncan on Aug 6, 2017
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Environment: I'm using FM Pro 15 on a MacBook Pro running the latest version of Sierra. I will probably upgrade to FM Pro 16 soon, and maybe the latest MacBook Pro as well.


I help manage the certification program for my professional association. I have two different question databases: one for multiple-choice questions and one for short-essay questions. Both databases have 4 identical tables: exam details (where it was, who proctored, etc.), change control (when a question is modified), topic number (from our content standard), and where-used (which exams the question appeared on).


Each database also has a Question table that is, of course, very different.


Each database is about 2MB in size.


It occurred to me that if I combined the two databases into one, I wouldn't have to enter the exam details twice. And if I changed any of the common tables, I wouldn't have to make two sets of changes to the table descriptions and the related layouts either.


The obvious downside is the work involved in doing the merger, but I can handle that.


Are there upsides or downsides that I am missing?