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Windows 10 etc. - Setting for .fmp12 files to open in v16?

Question asked by sharpie on Aug 7, 2017
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Hello There


In previous versions of Windows OSystems .fmp12 files would open by default in the last version of FileMaker Pro that you installed, whatever version that happened to be, this was also difficult to change in program defaults at times on some machines, the setting just wouldn't stick if you tried to change it to open in another .fmp12 compatible version of FM. 


As a FileMaker developer I find it useful and actually sometimes necessary to have multiple versions of FileMaker installed to match the version of FileMaker that my client is using.  In newer Windows Operating Systems such as Windows Server 2016 Datacenter and Windows 10 on Surface Pro 4, installing Filemaker Pro Advanced 16 just seems to overwrite the installation of FileMaker Pro Advanced 15.  On my surface Pro so far I have left it and did not install v15 on it.  On Windows Server 2016 Datacenter however I installed v15 after v16 because of the need for using it to support my clients using v15.  The problem with that is that v15 is then the default program that will open FileMaker files, and I would like to be v16.  I could uninstall v16 and reinstall it but I fear that will again wipe the V15 installation as it did last time.


Does anybody know of a workaround for this to get the solution that I desire as follows:


List of installed versions:-







All installed and working application versions with v16 as the default program for opening .fmp12 files.


I have already tried Control panel>Programs>Default programs>Set associations for .fmp12 and then navigate to FMPAdvanced 16.exe and double click it.  It doesn't stick because Windows seems to see v15 and v16 as the same program.


Hope you can help.

Many Thanks