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saxParseException error when creating DDR

Question asked by PaulSeabright on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by PaulSeabright

Good morning all.


I am getting SAXParseException errors when creating a DDR.  I've read the other posts relating to this problem, and have narrowed the issue down to a layout as the error only happens if layouts are included in the report, though I don't know which one.  I've tried to read back up the file for a hint of where error might be, but I was unsuccessful.


I would really appreciate some help in interpreting/understanding the xml file and narrowing down where this error might be in the database.


This is an edited version of the line with the problem area in red.  The full version of this line, when pasted into Word, creates a 2800 page document with an awful lot of zeros in it !! Is that normal?


<Step enable="True" id="43" name="Print"><StepText>Print [ Current record; All Pages; Orientation: Portrait; Paper size: 8.26&quot; x 11.69&quot; ]&#13;[ Restore: RICOH PCL6 UniversalDriver V4.8 ]</StepText><NoInteract state="False"></NoInteract><Restore state="True"></Restore><PrintSettings PageNumberingOffset="0" PrintToFile="False" AllPages="True" collated="False" NumCopies="1" PrintType="CurrentRecord"><PlatformData PlatformType="PrNm"><![CDATA[00000003000000010000000000000001000000000000001F0000005200000049000000430000004F000000480000002000000050000000430000004C0000003600000020000000550000006E0000006900000076000000650000007200000073000000610000006C0000004400000072000000690000007600000065000000720000002000000056000000340000002E00000038]]></PlatformData><PlatformData PlatformType=" é"><![CDATA[004300.............0000000]]></PlatformData></PrintSettings></Step>



I have attached a truncated copy of the file.  The error is in line 4926, column 797.

Window 7 Pro, 64 bit



Many thanks.