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    Lookup in a Related File


      I have two database files, one for (G)graduate students and one for undergraduates (UG).


      Both the student ID number as the ID code. Programs have changed in such a way that I would like to pull G students enrolled in a specific degree program into the UG database and bring their personal information with them (name, address, phone, email, etc.).


      Any ideas on how I can do this?

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          find the data in the source FM solution file, export the data to .mer file, import the .mer file into the destination FM file.


          This may have to be repeated for any "child" tables related to the data your extracting OR adjusted to accompdate differences in the tables between files.

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            You can import a found set in file 1 directly into file 2 without first exporting to a text file. The newly imported records will form a new found set in the target table so you can inspect your newly imported data for issues. You can also preview the data inside the matching fields dialog if you are importing manually to confirm that you have correct found set and field mapping.