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    Backup Your Files


      If I hadn't had an aggressive backup plan in place yesterday I'm confident that I would be standing in the unemployment line this afternoon.


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      For goodness sake, backup your files.

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          Hopefully, FMP will implement connecting scripts and other code to a real source code repository like Git so these particular problems don't happen.   Since I'm on FMP 14, which, amazingly, still doesn't have UNDO (not worth $329 to get it), I've gone back many a time to backups since I couldn't figure out (or UNDO) what I did accidentally moving a script line somewhere else.

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            After you backup your files, periodically check that the backups are valid.


            Many people have gone through the trouble to do "backups" only to find that what they thought were good backups were actually unusable.


            Some people proclaim that "It is not a backup until it is a known, tested backup."



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              On the mac, I've never had an issue with these tools:


              1. SuperDuper!

              2. ChronoSync

              3. Time Machine


              (These are the only tools I've used for production backups.)

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                And I'm not even referring to third party tools. The native FM backup routines (pause & copy) saved my butt yesterday.

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                  Do you mean the backup in FMS? I wasn't assuming that.



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                    That's right. In my current situation the server did not go down, one file became corrupted so I was able to just pull the last good file from the backup folder and put it in the main data folder.


                    But we do backup the backup copies using a third party tool and send the tapes to an off-site location every week. In this case I didn't have to recall any tapes, I just went back to the last good backup.

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                      I always said to people « the backup you will need the most is the one that was not done ». I remember reading an article a major fail in a company. They couldn't bring back a backup because the schedule backups were not running  and nobody was checking .


                      Doing backup is not enough, make sure they are fine.

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                        External backups are useful as well once FMS does its thing. The usual warnings, of course, for external backups is to NEVER touch the live running/hosted files.

                        But you knew that!


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