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    FileMaker 12Pro.


      Can I have a button next to a record that has been 'imported' through a portal.??  I have a file called assets.  And a file called insurance.  The asset file uses a portal to list the policies from the insurance file.  Would like to have a button next to each entry from the insurance file (that appears through the portal) on the asset file.  I can then go from the asset file to a particular record in the insurance file.

      I will check the 'forum' daily but my email is :  vadleft@gmail.com

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          FileMaker 12 is beyond the end of life for support. It's recommended that you upgrade. The current version is 16.

          FileMaker 12 will reach end of life on Sep 23, 2016


          Actually, in version 13 there was this new feature that does exactly what you want to do:

          Hiding or showing layout objects

          This would let you show or hide a button for anywhere there is a match between your two tables.


          If you have a link between "assets" and "insurance", then you can probably just script a button that does something simple like this:

          If [ Count(insurance::anyField) > 0 ]

             Go To Related Records [ Insurance ]


             Show Custom Dialog [ "No insurance records related" ]

          End If

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            You can use "Conditional Formatting" in v12 to make the button appear invisible (make it's colour the same as the background).  People can still press on it so make sure you handle incorrect presses in your script.

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