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Functions Count(),List(),etc. with only one variable/constant - why no results?

Question asked by eworbit on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by beverly

I feel like a noob for asking this.  Why doesn't List("justme") echo anything?


In data viewer, I get this error what trying to evaluate it:


"In the function Average, Count, Extend, GetRepetition, Max, Min, NPV, StDev, Sum, GetSummary or GetNthRecord, an expression was found where a field alone is needed."


Yeah, so what about List()??....


Some functions in FM can take a variables or constants even though the documentation heavily favors the word "field".



should be



List("justme") - not valid

List("justme";"metoo") - valid

Count("justme")  - not valid

Count("justme";"metoo") - valid "2"

Count("justme";"") - valid "1"

Min("5") - not valid

Min("5";"6") - valid "5"

Min("5";"") - valid "5"


Is this just very old legacy stuff FM doesn't want to fix?