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    Using Dual Monitors in FMP 16 for Windows


      Good Morning All,

      I have a client who has the Windows 64 bit version of FMP 16 installed, and has dual monitors.  She starts her application from her secondary monitor which opens her starting layout as it should.  However, when see clicks a button to open up a popup window, both the popup and original window move to her primary monitor.  I've tried to research this but could not find an answer.  All versions prior to FMP 16 did not do this...any ideas?


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          When you refer to a popup window, do you mean a FileMaker popup or a modal or floating window?


          If it is a floating/modal window, check whether the 'left' and 'top' settings have been set to fixed values. If so, then they will jump to the leftmost window (there is some good discussion within this forum regarding how FileMaker 16 handles multiple displays). This would not have happened with previous versions as the left most side would have been where the (previous MDI ) FileMaker application had been positioned, so if on the second display, 'left' would have been from the left of that display.


          However with the (new SDI) FileMaker v16 the windows are free of the application, in the same way the Mac handles windows and newer versions of MS Office work. Therefore the left value will be the furthest left point on both displays and it may be why this is happening. If not, we need to think again.


          A nice feature of the new 'new window' script step is that if you leave all the left, top, height, width settings empty and, say use the card window option, FileMaker 16 will centralise the new window and size it to the layout settings.


          Although this new window handling will have some short term pain and possibly require some scripting to accommodate a mixture of both pre v16 and post v15, in the long term it will save an awful lot of unnecessary scripting that the earlier versions required for window handling in Windows.




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            Thanks Andy, I had looked at all the new features but somehow missed the great "card" window feature...I have implemented it and it works fabulous...thanks so much!

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              Great to hear!