Membership Keeper

Discussion created by LAPaiva on Aug 8, 2017

IT’S ALMOST BACK-TO-SCHOOL TIME! Do you know someone seeking to simplify their volunteer efforts? Integratis Inc.’s Membership Keeper offers an affordable hosted FileMaker® Pro solution for groups such as Parent-Teacher-Student associations, Athletic Booster groups, Civic organizations and more. Designed to support volunteer groups that support kids, Membership Keeper makes it easy to collect contact information for parents, students, staff and other stakeholders to automatically create beautiful, professional-looking pages for a directory... and then so much more! With all that wonderful directory information, users track membership & committee members, collect student fees, track yearbook sales & t-shirt orders, organize auctions, print name tags and class lists, and keep in touch with alumni and donors.


GREAT FOR FUNDRAISING! Think your organization can’t afford Membership Keeper?  They can’t afford to not have Membership Keeper! One way to have Membership Keeper pay for itself is have your organization sell ads for a directory, distribute the directory via PDF and use the ad revenues to pay for the Membership Keeper solution.  Now you have contact information and a software solution to help your group raise even more funds: sell student, booster and/or alumni printed directories; track selling advertisings space for directories, newsletters, programs, yearbooks; collect membership dues; sell banner ads for website & mobile app; and print resources for fundraising auctions.


SAVE MONEY WITH UNIQUE FAMILY MEMBER LINKING! Membership Keeper stores family information per household; relating parents and children whether they live in multiple households, have multiple children or different last names. Membership Keeper utilizes this information not only for the directory but also to save resources by enhancing communication with each family instead of every child.


EXPAND YOUR NETWORKING REACH! Membership Keeper includes storing community stakeholders and alumni information. Membership Keeper has amazing scripts to help prepare the database at the beginning of each school year. For example, instead of just deleting out graduates, Membership Keeper can determine if a family is still “current” or now “alumni”. And Membership Keeper captures more alumni data because it easily culls families that have left from all grades, not just the graduates.


If you would like to help a volunteer organization, please suggest they check out Membership Keeper at Thanks!