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    disable popup


      I am using popups and value lists to filter a list view layout in FMP 16. I have a toggle button to "Show all" records, and want to hide and disable the filter popups. I can hide, but I cannot disable. So far my only workaround is to switch to a duplicate layout with no popups :-). Is there a better way?

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          I'm assuming you mean popover instead of popUp. When you hide a popover button you can still access the popover with a go to object script step. To disable the popover you need to disable the script step that is opening the popover.

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            Hi -- no, not popover buttons, fields with popup menu control, PH

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              So you want to show the field, but control whether a value list deploys when the user clicks on the field? Or maybe prevent user entry into the field altogether?


              I might stack two copies of the same field, each with different layout options on top of each other. Then, hide one and show the other to control this layout behavior. Note that the new layout objects window in FileMaker 16 makes working with such "stacked" objects easier. But I'd still add layout text to the layout warning of the stacked objects. Such text can be put off the edge of the layout or hidden when the window is in browse/find modes to keep it from being visible to the user while still visible to the developer.

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                Hi, sorry my initial description was not clear. I want to totally hide and disable the fields and popup menus. For example, I can hide them beneath a rectangle in the layout stacking order (and then hide that based on a variable), or hide them using behavior in the data inspector -- but this does not disable them; they are still clickable.


                What I am looking for is the scriptable equivalent of disabling Field Entry in browse mode on a field.



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                  If you use the 'Hide object when' option in the Inspector, the fields will not be clickable.

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                    Yes and to elaborate on my last post, Hide Object When can do that. One copy has browse mode access enabled, one copy allows browse mode access. Hide object When then controls which copy is visible at a given time to control access to the field.

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                      Hi Tom, I messed up somehow when testing that! "Hide object when" does disable the fields/popups.


                      Thank you!

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                        Thanks, (I did not see your follow-up before my previous reply) PH