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Is filemaker the right solution?

Question asked by tkt2rde on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by roparry

Man, I've spent about 5 hours digging and I'm still pretty confused as to whether or not I should jump into Filemaker for my limited use scenario.


I have a small therapy company with 8 therapist.  I have my therapists complete a pretty simple spreadsheet that tracks their time.  Basically they clock in and out, and record the total count of tasks performed for that day... patients treated, daily notes, evaluations, etc.  Using this information and a pre-determined time value for each of these tasks, I can calculate billable time, and overall productivity.


What is missing for me is the ability to do more than look at, or manually compile this data over time in other spreadsheets to report trends, comparisons between disciplines, etc.


What I am imagining in my head.

  1. Therapist logs into a website and has the ability to start a new daily timesheet, save it, work on it periodically during the day, then at the end of the day submit it.  Each therapist would probably be "connected" for less than 10 minutes per day completing it, four days per week.
  2. Data is saved in the database and tagged with the name, date, and discipline of each therapist that submitted it.
  3. Then I am able to login and report the data in many different ways.
    1. A simple date range list report with each therapist and their total hours for that date range for payroll.  Ideally exported such that I could import into payroll software.
    2. A date range report showing the average productivity of each therapist over that range.  Would be cool if I could even formulate this into a narrative.  During this period you saw X patients, completed Y evaluations, etc.
    3. Be able to run a report that compared individuals over time in a line graph.  I've done this manually in a spreadsheet, but it takes forever to keep up with.


Is filemaker the right choice?  I mean, I'm sure that it can do all this.  But I only have 8 people that will barely use it.  My budget is less than $500 per year to pull it off.  I'm just hoping someone can tell me whether or not this is a relatively easy thing to do on this platform and if it can be done inexpensively for such a small team with limited use.