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    How to make images scroll from left to right?


      I have a table that has an image associated with it. I have a home screen. I want to be able to show those pictures on the home screen and be able to scroll through them from left to right? What is the easiest way to accomplish this? Thanks!

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          Mac, windows or iOS?


          Its not a built in feature of FileMaker.


          I've been able to set this up on an iOS device using a slide control with three panels and scripting that responds to the "Swipe" gesture that moves the left or right panel into view to update what image appears in a container in the middle panel. The script then resets the slide control to the middle panel. This creates the illusion of an endless array of images appearing one at a time as you swipe left or right.


          Something similar will work for Mac OS. So far, haven't seen slide animation work on WIndows, but also haven't tested it in the latest version either so I might be wrong about that.