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    multiple drop down menus on the same file


      I know that you can use data on a file e.g. named “invoice” where with a drop down menu you use data from another file e.g. named “master”.  Can you on the same file e.g. named “invoice” use data from a second file eg named “inventory” also using a drop down menu. Summary the file you are using is called “invoice” but on that file you have two drop down menus one using data from a File named “master” and the other using data from a file named “inventory”

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          Sounds like that should read "table" everywhere you used "file". FileMaker value lists can list values from any table in your solution. Those tables can be in the same file or in a different file if you set up an external data source and a table occurrence in your relationship graph in order to make the data accessible.


          If that doesn't answer your question feel free to post back with more details.