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    Relationship Graph Flashing


      We had to go back to a backup after a file we were working on displayed the behavior described in this discussion: Relationship Graph Flashing


      Here is a video of this issue:



      The problem occurred while working on a Windows computer on a file hosted on FM server. Any computer connecting to the file then gets the same behaviour (even from a mac computer as on the video).


      Workstations were using FMPA 15.


      Can someone from FileMaker confirm if the issue is known, what provokes it, ways to avoid it, if it is fixed in any of the versions that are under support or if FileMaker is working on it (or not working on it).



      Robert Naud

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          Thank you for your post!


          After reading through the thread and the cases created from the customers, this has been caused by corruption. Damage in a Database File can cause any number of unexpected behaviors. I would recommend running Recover on the files to check for said damage. You might also Save a Copy of your file as a Clone and see if issues persist there, then reimport your data.


          Also see: What to do when your file is corrupt


          Let me know if you have any further information!



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